What makes us different from other hair suppliers? 
We sell only 100% human hair products manufactured by us in our factory where we maintain strict quality controls. We process this hair using techniques that we developed during our nearly 100 years in business. Our process prevents matting, tangling, shedding and bleeding.

What do the terms “bulk” and “wefted” mean?
Bulk hair is loose hair that is used for braiding, crochet, twisting, Brazilian technique, beading etc. We deliver it tied in a bundle ready for use. Wefted hair is used for weaving, clip ins, ponytail pieces etc. It is sewn into a track ready for the weaving process.

Can I visit your showroom to purchase hair in person?
Yes! We have a factory showroom in New York City open Monday-Friday from 9am- 5:30pm and Saturday 9am-3:30 pm. You can choose your hair from our vast variety of colors and textures or have a custom blend made while you wait.

How do I know how much hair I need?
When you call in your order, our trained representative will guide you throughout the ordering process. The general rule of thumb we use is 1/2 lb. (8oz) to cover your whole head depending on how full you like it or your hair style.

How do I choose a hair color over the telephone?
If you’re not sure of the color to order after speaking to our representative, you may send us a hair sample to match. Since we manufacture all our own products, we can match any hair color precisely.

How do I maintain the hair? 
We recommend weekly visits to your salon to maintain the hair. Also, use the proper shampoo and conditioners for extensions and braiding up hair or wrapping at night time helps with the maintenance of the hair.

Can I go swimming with this hair?
Yes you can go swimming with the hair. We recommend that you put a leave-in conditioner on the hair before getting into the water to protect it from drying/matteing  due to the chlorine/salt water.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards. Please note that we can only ship a credit/debit card order to the address to which your credit card bill is sent. This policy protects you from fraudulent use of your card. We also accept Money Transfers.

We will only release pick up orders to the card holder! Photo ID will be requested at the time of pick up.

What is the delivery policy?
Items will be delivered in 5-7 days from date of shipment

What is the shipping policy?
Items ship in 1-2 days

What is the return policy?
NO EXCHANGES OR RETURNS ON WEFTED/BLENDED HAIR. We will not accept any merchandise that has been used or altered (brushed, combed, picked, cut, removed from the weft or processed) in any way. According to the Federal law, you cannot return human hair products that have been used. This includes removing the hair from the bundle and trying it on. We adhere to these strict policies with respect to hair returns, hygiene concerns and federal law. Note that perming, coloring, lifting, rinsing, removing the hair from the weft or otherwise processing the hair voids ALL EXCHANGE AND REPLACEMENT guarantees. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY UNAUTHORIZED RETURNS.

Please call our trained customer service department to help you with your orders and questions.