About Us

We are the premier hair company that specialize in selling 100% human hair.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest premium quality human hair and exceptional services.  We make it our priority to know our clients needs, therefore, we analyze each clients hair and blend our hair to match their color and texture.

Each individual client is given quality time and service according to their needs. All our custom blend hair can be used for different hair techniques, such as Braiding, Weaving, Crochet, Clip-ins*, Brazilian, Inter-Lock, Micro Links, Fusion, Strand-By-Strand, etc.

Our high quality, 100% human hair can be colored, washed, roller set, blow dried, and also reused. We sell bulk (loose) and wefted (tracked) hair.

Hair can be purchased according to different lengths, colors, and textures. All our sales are unique to each client, and as such there are NO REFUNDS on custom blended purchases. We advise clients to discuss their desired style, texture, color(s), and fullness with their hairdressers before purchase.

Curly Hair Collection